Imagine how easy when all your transactions come under a one network. Come let’s experience the widest decentralized multicurrency platform via Otho network.

Otho Exchange

Throughout the Otho Exchange process cryptocurrency can be exchanged with each other or fiat currency.

Otho handyWallet

Otho handyWallet is a multicurrency wallet. Otho users one and only trusted money keeper is our handyWallet.

Otho SmartPay

Otho SmartPay is applicable for any full payment system. Which allows the merchants to sell goods and services via cryptocurrencies.

Airdrop round 2 will be commenced on February 3 2018 !

-5Days -22Hours -27Minutes -25Seconds


Contract Address : 0xd4d342fd95a968884bf50b69ee3ea870c3bbef91



Total Supply

9,000,000 OTH



Operational scheme

Otho Network's Market presence notification

Reliable and efficient

Otho Network offers reliable mobile payments on top of Otho platform. We create extra value for merchants and provide mobile wallet for users. It is known as mobile handyWallet. We combine web payments, e-commerce and crypto currencies as well.

Merchant Satisfaction

Otho Network has given full freedom to its merchants to choose how they wish to proceed through payments.Merchants can accept payments via Otho mobile application. In transaction process system will records it and proceed.

Customer satisfaction

Otho Network enhances the customer experience by more engaging and flexible. By leaving the physical wallet at home, your transactions can be made over the mobile.


The Otho Wallet will take all of your responsibilities

Easiest shopping you may ever experience. Since application consist with all in one facility it will prevent you downloading useless applications from various web stores. Currently, the application is in alpha phase, entering to the testing phase sooner and will be supported across web, smartphone, Windows and OSX platforms.

The App


Our teams of security experts are dedicated to this and doing researches to ensure otho network is most secure cryptocurrency exchange which will be available. You are totally stressed free to use our platform and feel secure to store your currencies in our wallets.

On demand coin listing

Integration for ERC-20 tokens will be added to the wallet based on community preference and support. The community would be able to vote on certain new tokens for app support.

Realtime P2P Transaction

Verified users will undergo screening under the Anti-Money laundering and study your customer status. From $2000 upwards users could able to trade.


Airdrop phase 01

Airdrop phase 01 has been scheduled to 13th January 2018