OTHO Airdrop rules

Read the rules and regulations to proceed with OTH.

Participants are only allowed to use one account. Use of multiple accounts, spam in threads and chats are not allowed and it will lead to disqualify for the airdrop.

Your bitcointalk.org profile must have been created before 30th DEC 2017.. New accounts will not be accepted. Because we need unique no of participants for the airdrop.

You must be at least Jr member level or higher. (Newbies which exceeds 15 Bitcointalk activities are now eligible.)

Join Otho Forum using bitcointalk username and make sure to put your wallet address as signature in otho forum. It will prevent taking your username by another.

You must have at least 5 posts to join airdrop in Otho forum. Please don’t spam the forum thread; make quality and relevant posts only.

Ethereum address must be placed in location field on bitcointalk account.

Your Ethereum wallet address must have at least 0.05ETH Balance

Only 500 participants for the 1st airdrop.

FIFO method will be used to distribute tokens (First in first out)

If you sold you have to buy back OTH in order to receive 2nd airdrop

Every participant that will hold at minimum 60% of the received Airdrop coins in their wallet address until the next round they will receive rewards as bonus. (will be calculated in each phase)

If you satisfy with these rules and regulations, you can proceed to request your OTH.